Take Her In Hand

So a couple of days ago Journeyman found himself in a situation whereby he wasn’t sure if he was being a dominant and assertive male, or just plain rapey. He wants to make it clear that no person deserves to be raped or in any way asks for rape. But there’s a huge grey area when it comes to the word ‘no’.

Ladies, be honest….how many times have you said no when what you really mean is ‘”try harder, you’re going to have to sweat for this”? We all know how much you hate it when a man asks to kiss you. You want to be taken; to be whisked off your feet. You prefer a man to ask forgiveness rather than permission. And so how is a guy to know what’s alright and what isn’t? Trial and error of course, and this is where things get complicated.

In most cases by the time she’s pulling a knife on you, you know to stop. She should have gone for the rolling pin though….knives are sexy. Even as she pressed the blade against his bare skin he wanted to see how far she was willing to go. Maybe she wanted to see how far he was willing to go.

Rape nowadays…you can’t take two steps without hearing about it. It’s permanently ingrained in our psyche like mouldy cheese stuck to the back of the fridge. This makes things confusing. Every neuron in his brain is telling him to take the girl and make her his. And every neuron in hers is telling her to resist. It”s the way humans wired. What’s the fun if there’s no chase? Sometimes a literal chase is good too.

There was a time when a woman would only mate with a man who was powerful enough to take her against  her will and make her his. It took a show of brute strength and commitment. He’d probably have to go through her brothers and father before he could have her. Albeit that was a couple of thousand years ago and nowadays you drive your date home rather than dragging her back to your cave with a fistful of her hair in one hand and in the other a club to knock her out if she starts squirming again. Surely there’s still a few women out there that like to have their hair pulled.

Not all women are the same. Use your intuition and be careful gentlemen. It’s a minefield out there. Know when to make a graceful retreat. They say when a man bows in the presence of a lady, he lowers his head lower than his heart so as to slow his quickening pulse.


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