Energy Wars

So 1 day you get up and think, well, anything. And then you ask yourself, “Why am I thinking this? Is this my own original thought, or is it the result of  externally and environmentally sourced energy frequencies my brain and chakras just happened to being bombarded with at that particular moment?”

Let’s not think too much about what the thought actually was but rather let us rate the quality of said thought on a scale graded from 0-10 with 1 being ‘I want to drop a nuclear bomb on a densely populated area’ and 10 being ‘hug a homeless guy’. Now let us say, for the sake of this illustration, that this thought rates at a very neutral 5. Congratulations, you are the average thought!

Thoughts become reality and now that you’re actively gauging the quality of your own thoughts, you sit back and think, “5 is okay but I’m sure I can try for a 7 at least. Maybe even an 8 if I try hard enough. What’s it going to take?” Honestly… will take an uncommon amount of courage.

For just as lowering the average thought standard in our collective consciousness would require one soul try very hard to achieve a 2 or 3, pulling the rest of the non-discenring beings down with him, he who seeks to raise his own thoughts to a higher frequency pulls the rest up with him. You are the average of those you keep around you. You can choose to raise the collective average by raising yourself, or find a new collective.

People generally believe that opposites attract but when it comes to energy frequencies, like attracts like. Physics freaks know this as resonance and its how radios work (by tuning in to the right frequency). It’s also how the complex antennae that is your mind works.  This is why it is better to give than to receive. Your brain cannot tell the difference between a energy vibration that is being transmitted or received meaning that the more you give, the more likely you are to attract experiences of plenty in to your own being. However this only works if you give selflessly, for the mind knows when the body is being disingenuine. You cannot lie your-SELF.

The real war, the war that nobody actually ever talks about, the war that humanity has being waging ever since Satan crashed to the earth and turned the waters murky, is a war for the mind. In this war non-participation is not an option. Every-body is a soldier; fighting for what they truly believe in. Every-where is a battlefield; stay your ground and stand up for what you know in your heart is right.

So what kind of energy are you putting out there with your thoughts? 6s & 7s? Or Grand Theft Auto?

Discern every way; discern every day.



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