Disinformation & Indoctrination

If you know the mark of the beast, why would you accept it?’

 Oh Internet, why do you fuck with me so? I like to do my research. A lot more than I like doing my school work. I was obsessed with it for a while. I wanted to soak up as much information as I could but I forgot to filter out the disinformation. I admit, I was one of those retards who thought there would be a false flag attack during the 2012 Olympics and it turns out it was just another occult ritual and I’d been tricked into giving my energy to it. Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. So why did I fall for it?

Having accepted that the likes of CNN (probably even RT as well to be honest) are less news agencies dedicated to sharing what is happening in the world and are more like big cogs in the  propaganda machine, its hard to decipher between who is telling the truth and who isn’t. No doubt there are people out there dedicated to the truth but how do you pick them out from the Disinformation agents? As we’ve seen in the past few centuries, the great oppressors like to fund both sides of the war. Same goes for the information war, better known as Psy-Ops.

What is a Disinformation Agent? In truth they’re not much different from a propagandist except that their propaganda is aimed at confusing or misleading those who have already rejected MSM outlets and are looking for alternative source. Kind of like a back-up MSM. Disinfo agents tell half-truths and skew the the real story or tell it in such a way that keeps vital information hidden only  to tell the readers what they want them to know. Most probable examples of Disinfo agents include the Vigilant Citizen, Alex Jones, godlikeproductions.comintelhub.com and TruthIsScary.

I don’t know for sure if they are Disinfo agents but I think they’re some of the most likely candidates. Why? Because they’re the most popular. If they’re such threats to the existing power structure then why haven’t they been silenced yet? Maybe because killing them will turn them into martyrs, give legitimacy to their causes and make more people think ‘hey, what’s going on here?’ All I know is that somebody somewhere is trying to get the unabridged truth out but there are powerful forces working against them. Trust in your intuition, do not be afraid to be wrong and always leave room for more information, even if it might be disinformation. Let your instincts guide you to the truth. The mind is malleable. You have to be able to learn, unlearn and relearn. “A sign of true intelligence is the ability to entertain an idea without fully accepting it yet.”

The Vigilant Citizen provides a break down of the hidden symbology all around us on television, movies and on buildings. I’ve been following his site for few months and he/they have provided good insights into the symbology that’s been all around us hiding in plain sight all this time. Ever since I’ve been watching movies and television with a critical eye, looking out for those damned triangles and Masonic floor patterns and I’ve seen quite a bit. But therein lies a problem. Yes Vigilant Citizen is very informative but they don’t really provide any solutions. Should they provide solutions? Their job is after all to educate and inform. They’ve done their part. Starting a revolution is down to the rest of us.

Perhaps the real reason for this method of informing without providing solutions is that it’s a method of covert indoctrination. By showing us these images and giving us this secret and sacred information we are being turned into low level free masons ourselves.

Were the symbols always there and this prevalent or am I seeing more of them because I’m looking for them? A bit of both I guess. Maybe this is all part of the plan. If this is the case then so be it. I’d rather be informed (know thy enemy) than ignorant.

Russia Today (RT) is a popular news channel branded as alternative because off its no-holds-barred stance on criticising American policy but they are banned from saying nothing bad about their own president even though they go hard on Obama. Why aren’t they allowed to chat shit about their own president when they can say whatever they want about America’s? Because RT is funded by the Federal Budget of Russia. You know what that means; it’s state-sponsored propaganda and not the reliable alternative news agency most people like to think it is. Either way, it’s good to see a ‘credible’ news agency that isn’t afraid to discuss issues that American and other western propaganda agencies avoid or suppress. But if you really wanna know what the Russians are really up to, RT is not the best source.

I don’t think it’s possible to have too much information even though some of it is bullshit. Practice makes perfect and I have faith that in time I’ll be able to filter out the Disinfo, no problem. But I’ll have to make a few mistakes first.


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