Journeyman Reads: The Armageddon Rag by George R. R. Martin

Imagine my surprise at discovering that the great Mr Martin has actually written something other than a Song of Ice & Fire. Maybe not quite so surprising considering that the man had been an author for decades before the release of his magnus opus.


Like most books, the first chapter was the hardest to get through. I opened the first page and my mind was already full of expectations which are understandable considering how great the tales from Westeros were.

A few pages in and it became clear it wouldn’t be quite be the emotional tail dragger that was GOT. The Armageddon Rag is good but a little shy of awesome. Sandy Blair’s investigative quest started off chasing a murderer and went on to take us on tour with the greatest rock n’ roll comeback of the ages.

The characters were easy to love. Sandy was pleasantly broken in a naïve way and the Nazgul’s were everything you’d expect from a group of faded stars struggling to reclaim their former glories. Which, in part, was its downfall as you could almost see everything coming.

The plot moved along well enough although there were a few parts such as Sandy’s insistence on looking up his old friends along the way that seemed surplus to the requirements of the storyline however the interactions gave good insights into Sandy’s psyche and motivation.

Journeyman’s rating: 7.4


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