The Chase

The butterflies; the heart that won’t stop racing.

The primal urge to see her as a woman,

but my heart tells me to see the person.

Where is the balance? That’s the wrong question.

What do you want? Hard to say.

I want it all. Don’t be greedy.

Stop overthinking things.

She’s a person, not a maths problem.

You can’t ‘solve’ her.

Of course you can’t. No man can ‘solve’ a woman.

But therein lies our reason for trying.

She is not perfect.

She’s perfectly imperfect.

What does that make me?

What does she like about me?

What do I like about her?

I want to hold her, I want to kiss her.

What does she want? She wants what I want.

She wants to love; she wants to be loved.

Where is this going? That doesn’t matter.

What matters is where we are…in each other’s arms.

Just be your-SELF.

That is all she asks of you.

It’s the one thing you will never have to apologize for….

The way of unrelenting love.


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