Letting Go


I called her last night.
I told myself not to but its her I want.
It’s been weeks, months, coming on a year.
I can’t do this anymore, I’m going crazy!
I need her in my sight.

She picked on the third ring, definitley a bad sign.
She never would have picked if she knew the number was mine.
I never changed my number, always hoping she would call.
Am I the only one who thought breaking up was wrong?

And so here we are,
The love of my life on the other side of the line.
“Hello,” she says. Her voice drips with anxiety.

The word barely made it passed her lips.

My mind wanders to the first time together we danced,
the start of a rocky romance.
This is it! This is my chance!
To break her heart and leave her…again.

“Hello,” she says once more.
Oh, come on dude. Don’t be a bore.

When she hangs up it’s no suprise.
She would always leave my bed right before the sun could rise.
Like a wisp in the wind, another great girl gone.


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