Journeyman Reads (and Watches): Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn

gone girl

Gillian Flynn takes us through Amy Dunne’s disappearance from the viewpoints of both her and her husband.

*spoiler alert* Amazing Amy is a crazy cunt. Well, that’s not really a spoiler. Journeyman is just biased in favour of the husband because he doesn’t like the way he’s always hung out to dry when shit goes wrong with the wife.

Is there really a set way for a person to react to any given situation? This guy’s wife goes missing and everybody thinks he killed her just because he didn’t seam to be reacting the right way. If reading this book showed him anything, it’s that media and public opinion are extremely fickle.

Come the end, you can make your own decisions about the Nick-Amy relationship and for sure opinions will vary but Journeyman says it underlines what he’s always said about relationships; it takes two to keep a relationship going and it takes two to fuck it up. If you should so happen to be hitched to a psycho, just smile and play nice. You didn’t notice it at the time and you hate to admit it now that you know for certain but it’s that psycho look in his/her eyes that got you interested in the first place. Over the years the layers of crazy come out and you start thinking ‘This isn’t what I signed up for’ but then you realise that your particular shade of crazy is coming out too. So who’s to blame? Nobody, because crazy attracts crazy. And it takes crazy to love crazy. It’s a crazy fucking cycle.

Journeyman did his best to give you this review before his opinion was muddied by the on-screen version but he hears good things about it. He’s told that the only significant difference between the two is the ending which is a good thing because he didn’t like how the book ended. Possibly because it reminded him of some of the silly decisions he made in his own previous relationships. Yeah, this book hit close to home.

Journeyman’s Rating: 7.7


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