Journeyman Reads: This Is How You Lose Her, by Junot Diaz

this is how you lose her

It took me close to two years to read this book cover-to-cover. It’s not that I didn’t like it, in fact I really loved it but we all have that book that’s on our hook. The one you only ever read when you’ve got nothing better on the shelf. The old reliable who’s good for a tickle every now and then but you never actually commit to. It’s only when the final page is turned that you realise how great you had it and swear never to take another one for granted.

No, I am not talking about my reserve chiquitas but I love books so much it’s hard to tell the difference.

Some people get all gushy over the typical romance novel but narcissistic love is more my style. This take on anti-romance is stellar. You wouldn’t think it’s possible to have such a combination of good and bad luck with women in one lifetime. The tittle of the final chapter, “The Cheater’s Guide to Love” wraps it up nicely.

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

Should I be lucky enough to find the girl of my dreams number next, I’ll be sure do the exact opposite of everything read here. Diaz takes us through how everything that can go wrong in a relationship will go wrong and whatever didn’t go wrong in that one will go wrong in the next one.

Stupidity had a large part to play in his unlucky love. It’s hard to see the intelligence in holding on to all of the e-mails from the 50+ side-chicks he’d been keeping over the course of his six year relationship. She found them, while putting away his socks or something, and even took the care to hard-cover bind the communications with his sucias and send them back to him when she got tired of his constant nagging for forgiveness. You think chicks can nag? Try a heartbroken guy.

It’s almost as if he wanted to get caught. It’s almost as if he wanted his older dame to go down for rape. It’s almost as if he doesn’t believe he’s worthy of anything good. It’s almost as if he really did lose her through nobody’s fault other than his own.

Journeyman’s Rating: 7.9


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