I’m always early to class, always the first one there. I get a strong sense of pride in being the first one to class ans setting myself up.  This week though I pushed open the doors and found someone in there before me. This really cute guy with dark skin and wide soulful eyes that pierce right through me got there first.

He’s sat on the third row up, next to the wall on the left side. He owns his space with a quiet confidence, like a marine sat his desk; with his back strait and leaned back. His chin titled slightly upwards. At ease, soldier.

Our eyes meet as I scan the room and time stands still for a bit. The corner of his mouth tilts upwards and I blush, pull my gaze away and look down.

That’s when I realise how dark the room is. Just the right dimness for a candle-lit dinner or the corner of a movie hall that’s about to get steamy. I turn to my right and make a show of finding the light switch, lingering for a second longer than I have to so that Mr. Third-Row can get a good look at my butt. Black guys are into ass, right? Correction, they’re into big asses and my butt is so small he could smack both cheeks with one hand. Maybe he’s a grab it kind of guy. Oh yeah, he can definitely grab my-

May! Control yourself. Being in a room with cute guys always makes me ditzy. Especially when we’re alone. I flick my hair over my shoulder hoping to catch his eye again. He’s looking in my direction but I can’t tell if he’s looking at me or staring into space.

Standing by the light switch with my hands in my hair made feel awkward; like a mannequin on display that  wasn’t even being looked at. I stride on to the first step and look around. Every single seat bar one is available. I really want to sit next to him but I don’t want to seem desperate. I could sit behind him and check him out for the next two hours but then he won’t be able to see me and will probably end up checking out some other girl. If I sit in front of him he’ll think I’m submissive and I won’t be able to see him.

The air conditioning is on but his body radiates heat waves that make my brow sweat. Walking up those steps and getting closer to him would be like walking right into an inferno.

I walk up to the third row, turn right and go all the way to the end. There, I set my books on the desk, lean my left shoulder on the wall and put my left leg over my right knee, letting it dangle lightly in his direction. I tilt my notepad to the right and with my left hand (even though I’m right handed) start to scribble nonsense on the pages all the while keeping my eyes on the hottie across the room.

He just sits there, staring into space with his chest slightly puffed out. He hardly moves except to touch his face a few times. I could watch him do nothing for hours with my eyes wide open and loving every second. I’m a weirdo like that. A few of my boyfriends complain when they wake up to find me watching them.

Speaking of… the rest of the class starts to file in and in comes Derek, so tall he has to duck under the door frame. If he was a little more perceptive he might have noticed me frown when he checked. When he sees me, makes a bee-line right to where I’m siting and takes the seat next to me, blocking my view of Mr. Third-Row.

Derek starts talking, which he does a lot of, and I listen with mock enthusiasm that he’s too self-absorbed to notice. He says something that I think is supposed to be funny so I roll my head back and laugh, taking the opportunity to look over his shoulder. I see that Mr. Third-Row isn’t sitting alone anymore. That harlot with the long black hair is sitting next to him and I clench my fist under the desk. They’re not talking to each other but I can tell they’re doing that thing sexy people do when sat next to each other on public transport; feeding off of each other’s sexual energy. It’s okay, she can have him. I’ve got Derek…yay, me.

Class comes to an end and as I follow Derek down the steps something slams into my back and nearly sends me flying. I turn around ready to smack someone down when I see that it’s Mr. Third-Row.

‘I’m sorry,’ he says. ‘I was looking at you hair and I missed a step and… are you alright?’

‘Um, yeah’ I say. ‘I’m-’

‘Can’t you perv and walk at the same time?’ snaps Derek. ‘Come on May, let’s go.’

Derek links my arm and pulls me away. I can’t help but steal a glance backwards and smile at Mr. Third-Row.

He likes my hair…






I sprint all the way to class this morning. I’m not late and I sure as hell am not eager for the lecture. I just have to get there early.

Into the elevator, up three floors down the hall and to the right. I push open the door to D105 and I’m the first one there. I look up at the clock and it tells me I’m thirty minutes early. Perfect.

The lecture hall is designed like a movie theatre with ascending rows so that everyone can get a good look at the board. The back rows are for rebels, the middle for thinkers and the front for over-achievers. I like to think I’m a bit of each so I take a seat in the corner of the third row and start my pre-class meditation ritual. A calm mind makes me a better learner.

I breathe in deep, breathe out slow and stare blankly into space when she walks in. Her peroxide blonde hair comes in first. It falls over her face like she’s trying to hide behind it. She stopped at the door to take a look around and it takes me three whole seconds to realise that I’m no longer breathing.

She takes a look around the room and sees me. Our eyes lock on to each other and I hold her gaze, taking in what I think are green eyes. The kind of green that hold you and make you dream about trees swaying in the wind.

It’s only when she averts her gaze that I realise I’m staring. Shame on me. But she’s so good to look at.

Green-eyed-blondey turns towards the side of the door and flicks a switch. The lights turn on and I blink as my eyes adjust to the fluorescent glare. She takes another look around the room and slowly walks up the centre aisle. She hesitates right before my row and my heart skips when I realise she might actually sit next to me. But she turns right instead of left and sits at the far end of the same row.

I can barely see her out of the corner of my eye as she makes herself comfortable against the wall. I want to turn my head and look at her but I restrain myself from showing too much thirst. Instead I touch a palm to my face and pull my collar. I could swear the temperature in the room just went up a few degrees.

The rest of the class starts to file in and then he shows up. Tall and handsome, and probably a lot smoother than I am, he heads strait for the girl I’m craving. A massive wall between us that blocks off our energy.

They start talking and he must have said something hilarious because she rolls her head back and laughs. It annoys me to no end that he can make her laugh with such apparent ease. One more reason why he gets the girl and I’m left watching.

Our lecturer walks in and hastily takes us through the slides on the board. Cute-nosed-blondey engages the lecturer, answering more questions than the rest of the class combined. She gets a few wrong but keeps on trying. I find that kind of mental strength in a woman to be very exciting. I think we’d make a good couple. The kind that challenges each other. Constantly arguing over seemingly pointless things; a kind of mental sparring to keep each other sharp.

Two hours later class comes to an end and like robots we start to shuffle towards the door. She gets to the aisle right before I do and I find I’m walking down the steps right behind her. It’s a tight space with all these bodies heading towards the door at the same time and I’m so close to her I can smell the peach flavoured shampoo in her hair.

Her scent overrides my senses. In a daze my foot misses the next step and I lurch forward. My hands flail looking for something to keep me upright. One hand grabs a desk and my shoulder crashes into her back.

She nearly falls over as well and she grabs onto her tall friend. Her head whips round and I can see jade fury in her eyes but she sees my apologetic look and her face softens.

‘I’m sorry,’ I say. ‘I was looking at your hair and I missed a step and….are you alright?’

‘Um, yeah’ she says. ‘I’m-’

‘Can’t you perv and walk at the same time?’ her tall friend says. ‘Come on May, let’s go.’

He links his arm in hers and pulls her away. She looks over her shoulder and flashes me a quick smile. I smile back.

I know her name now…


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