Journeyman Reads: WTBAP Issue #1: Kenyan Fantasy, by Will This Be A Problem

jpec edition

What is fantasy? Probably that stuff that you dream about late at night, lost in your make-believe world filled with unicorns and three-boobied ladies. That’s a fantasy world for fairies and perverts. But for the darker soul fantasy is all this all about demons, dystopia and blind bow-and-arrow chicks.

Some of the tales in here were better than others but as a whole, this anthology takes you to some weird places. Do you ever wonder what goes through the minds of people who write stuff like this? Do they get together on Friday nights for a casual sacrifice? Do they carry Ouija boards around with them in case they need to summon grandma for a reminder on that recipe for deep fried testicle twists?

Not that I’m judging. Writers write what they know and you could do all your research online or by interviewing the local exorcist but none of that can beat the raw information you can get from an actual sit down with a knight of the underworld. Might cost you a few years of your life but fuck it, I’d trade in a few decades for the ability to beat a cop senseless with his own legs.

There were a few tales just begging to be turned into full length features especially the one set a few centuries in the future where Kenya is a corporatocracy. What’s particularly scary about it is that I can actually see Safaricom running the country in the near future and Kibera would become a hotbed for all kinds of dissidence.

Journeyman’s Rating: It’s a good read but it’s easy to see that it’s all indie material. Indie material is good, indie material has heart and indie material has soul. But if you’re the kind of person who only ever reads off of the NY Best-seller’s list you may have to lower your expectations just a little and surrender to the dark flow. The best thing about this book, FREE DOWNLOAD, so grab a copy.

Not to hurry you guys over at WTBAP, but Issue #2 is needed. Like now.


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