Journeyman Plays: Dishonored


People, I think you have a psycho living amongst you. It’s saying some scary things that the only games Journeyman has played and enjoyed over the past decade have centred around killing people (and people-like things).

This game’s preferred way of killing people involves using crossbows, single-shot pistols, your bare hands and this sharp and pointy extension to your right arm that is rather handy when its time to cut someone’s throat off. Now that you’re armed you think it’s a good time go around slicing and dicing at will but this isn’t a slaughterhouse so you have to go about it with some finesse or the guards will swarm you and dog pile you to death. At least I hope it’s a dog pile because from the first-person view it looks like a massive gangb-

The guys at Arkane Studios will be quick to point out that their brain child is not just about mindless killing and you do have the option of going through the game with a minimum kill streak of two but who the hell wants to spend the whole game sneaking up behind guards and stroking their hair till they fall asleep? They realised that the murder-option will be taken nine time out of ten, so to keep down the mental scarring usually associated with 1000+ kill streaks the developers made sure that the soldiers of the city watch have the same the exact same faces depending on their battalion so it’s only these three guys who’ll mugs will haunt your dreams.

city watch elite

After a while killing them (or cuddling them to sleep) doesn’t even strike a mezzo piano on the emotional heartstrings. So they bring in masked assassins to take out and there’s nothing holding you back from savouring the satisfaction of taking down these powerful enemies.

You’re not on your own in your quest and you’ve got a bunch of friends to help you out with your righteous killing spree. Righteous because there’s a girl involved… there’s always a girl involved.The game scored points for originality up until they threw in the left-handed magic tricks because then it just became Bioshock with a guy who likes to invade the minds of mice and crawl into tight spaces.

Journeyman’s Rating… a solid ‘meh’. Simply because he’s never impressed by anything.


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