Journeyman Reads: The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene

Published by Viking Press

Published by Viking Press

Journeyman says that this book was incorrectly named. He says that the correct tittle for this book should be ‘48 ways to be manipulative, get whatever you like and screw people over in the process while somehow managing to look like a saint who everybody loves’. But Journeyman is an idiot.

Here we have a collection of tales from the greatest men and women who have ever lived and detailed descriptions into how they reached such elevated levels of bad-assery. They didn’t always play nice, and these people knew that getting what they want out of life is a struggle. A struggle that they were willing to step up to and prove themselves worthy of the accolades that they received and the honour of having their names rubber stamped in the history books. This book is required reading for anyone with ambitions of greatness. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be equipped to conquer the entire known world, but you’ll get a few pointers on how to navigate through difficult situations with your head held high and your panties stain-free.

Those who already knew all about the secrets of the power game are kicking Robert Green for divulging these secrets to the masses because now every next beta thinks that they can read a few pages and step up. Return to your basic existence you untried upstart! You may be able to study the mind-set of an alpha but it doesn’t count for shit if you don’t have alpha-sized cajones. Did you know that some alphas have square testicles? It’s from all of the chins that they’re constantly smashing into. That shit can’t be faked. Alpha-sized (and shaped) cajones affect everything from the way you walk to the way you hold a salad fork right before you stab someone in the face and then blame it on the dog. Poor dog…

But all is not lost, my basic betas. Read these pages, study the ways of the greats and if stepping up proves to be too much of a challenge you can at least learn how to spot a powerful person on a war-path and keep from being trampled underfoot. Or, if ass kissing is more to your taste, you can learn to be a loyal servant and get some of the trickle-down bang glory. But you know that’s not you. You don’t want to be second in command. You want to be the big boss. You want to call the shots and make things happen. If this is your goal, then turn this tome into your bible and reach for the stars. But never forget your roots. You’ll never reach the sky without the most solid of foundations. And there is no more a solid foundation than the people that you love and who love you back. It’s love that propelled the likes of Napoleon to such heights. He didn’t conquer all of Europe so that he can travel without a passport. No, he did it for the love of his people. And in the end it is the love that his people had for him that saved him from the guillotine. Love is the only true source of lasting power. Use it well, and prosper.


Journeyman’s Rating: I’m already an alpha, I don’t need to read this shit.


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