A Case For The Friend-Zone


The dreaded zone. A place reserved for lovelorn fools and beta males who just can’t seem to get it in. You know how they say that a project reaches 90% done rather quickly and then stays at 99% forever? That’s you in the friend zone. You’ve put in long hours of care and love but that crush that you want so bad just won’t give it up. Woe is you.

Here you have a person, a genuine person with real fears, hopes and dreams that you look at like the sun shines out of her ass. She knows how you feel. You’ve done a poor job of hiding it. It’s the small things you do and the way your eyes light  up in her presence. In the way that you remember everything little thing she says and value her opinions. That kind of a connection is vital to her. Especially so in a world where women are treated as second-class citizens. It’s a form of respect that she gets from so few males out there. While you’re making the effort to look in her eyes while she talks, trying to understand where she’s coming from, other men are staring at her breasts.

She’s no fool. She knows that you’re a man with needs. She notices those times when you’re hanging out and something as simple as the smell of her hair gets you hard. And the truth is, she’s excited too. She can feel the desire coming off you in waves. She can feel it in your sideways glances. Every light touch…every careless whisper. And she wants to give in. She wants to give her heart and her body to this man who cares for her and knows her so well. But she’s been there before. She knows what happens when she gives it up. Even to someone as sweet as you. Everything changes. You’ll turn into an asshole who feels entitled to her body. Where once you had a relationship based on mutual growth and understanding, she’s becomes that girl that you only call when you’re horny. That’s the best-case scenario. What’s more likely is that after a two minute hump-and-pump, you crawl out of the bed and leave, satisfied that you can now add her to your short list of conquests. And then you’ll brag about it to your friends and they’ll start referring to her as that girl that so-and-so banged. They’ll assume that she’s easy and all start trying to get with her too. That’s just the way it goes. Experience is the best teacher. Don’t lie to her that you’re different. Don’t give her that bullshit about how your love for her burns hotter than any star in the night sky. Do you know what else burns hot? Gonorrhoea.

Gentlemen (and ladies), try not to get offended when you’re friend-zoned. The person that you desire may not reciprocate your need to get naked together but take comfort in knowing that she’s seen enough worth in you to want to keep you around. That’s right, you have worth. You are of value to her. You put a smile on her face. If you’d let your pride take a seat on the back-burner for a minute, you’d see that being in the friend zone has tonnes of benefits. First off, being friend-zoned by a hot chick will get you laid in the long run. Because she probably has hot friends. Hot friends who are looking to hook up. And you will come highly recommended. Girls want men that other girls want. They’re jealous like that. And even if the chick has reminded them over and over that you’re just friends, they won’t believe her. It’s much more fun for them to imagine that they’re stealing you away. I call that a win. And if it feels like she’s hiding you from her female friends it’s because she thinks you’re either too good for them or she doesn’t want to risk losing you to them. That’s a good sign. It means that she has long term plans for you. She may even be planning on giving it up, after she’s worked out your real intentions.

So, own that friend zone. Put up a fence, get your tittle deed and make it yours. The smart man knows that not every woman will want him. But he’s savvy enough to know that he can use this semi-rejection to his advantage. Yes, that girl will be an emotional drain. If you think about it, all of our friends are. And it’s because they’re our friends that we keep refilling the well, specifically for them to drink from. She may never give you her booty body, but you will forever be blessed with the company of an individual who wants the best for you.

The women in your life have so much more to offer you than what’s between their legs. Treat them as such.



UPDATE (13/09/2016)- Ignore everything that I’ve said here. The friend-zone is a horrible place and your libido is too important to risk on anyone who is not giving it up. Have a few friends of the opposite sex if you absolutely must but your go-to frame of mind should be “Fuck me or fuck off.” If she balks, bounce.


2 thoughts on “A Case For The Friend-Zone

  1. Friend zone is respectable area. If i don’t like someone more than friend, i will be enough fair to say it. I had experience that my rejection was not accepted good. Guy got offended and became rude toward me, because i said i don’t want more than friendship. Fake feelings are not something what i could produce. So, yes only gentleman can understand meaning of friendship.

    • You can’t fall in love with everyone. I’m sorry that you lost your friend that way but at least you now know where you stand with him. He’s lost someone special.

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