“It’s here baby!” said Dan. “It’s here!”

Bev squealed and ran to the front door. A DHL delivery man stood outside with a large box on a trolley. Bev guided him into the house and Dan pocketed the other, smaller package in the side pockets of his shorts before Bev could see it. The delivery man slid the box into the living room floor, gave them both a curt nod and let himself out.

Bev clawed at the brown box, looking for a way to open it.

“Dan,” she said. “Help me with this.”

He’d never seen her get so excited before. He went to the store room and came back with a pair of box cutters in his hand. Bev grabbed the box cutters and made short work of the brown cardboard packaging.

“The Bang Bench 3000,” said Dan reading the label on the inner box. “Designed to keep you in the bang ready position. This box contains 4 steel legs, padded supports for arms, legs and chest and restraints. To keep her (or him) from going anywhere.”

Dan put the instructions down and looked at Bev. She rubbed her hands together and stared at the Bang Bench like it was a present under the Christmas tree.

“We are going to have so much fun with this,” she said. “Go get your screwdriver. Let’s try it out.”

Dan chuckled and brought out his toolbox. With Bev’s help they put their new toy together. Bev undressed while they worked. She was butt naked by the time they were done.

“Okay,” she said, straddling the bench. “This foot goes there and this arm goes there. I think we’ve got it right. Come on, Dan. Strap me in!”

Dan pulled the leather straps around her arms and legs. He pulled them tight until she grimaced in pain. And then a little more just to be sure. She did a little jiggle to test its stability and it held firm. Bev’s breathing rate picked up. The anticipation made her sweat.

“Okay baby,” she said. “Do your worst.”

“Oh, I intend to,” said Dan.

He reached into his pocket, took out the other package and showed it her. A look of confusion and excitement flashed across her face.

“You naughty boy,” she said. “What’s in there?”

“You see,” said Dan, as he began to unpeel the brown wrapping. “The Bang Bench is your toy. But this…this is my toy.”

The brown wrapping came off and inside was a DVD case. On the cover was an old man with an eye patch. The title read ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.’

“Is that porn?” said Bev.

“No,” said Dan. “This is a video game. The video game. Now sit there like a good little girl and don’t disturb daddy while he handles business.”

Dan turned away from her, slid the disc into his game console and sat down on the couch.

“You asshole!” said Bev. “Let me out of this thing right now!”

Dan ignored her and turned the volume up.

“I should have bought the ball gag,” he said.


3 thoughts on “Toys

  1. Very naughty. But I do love that she is his “slave” in that moment and in a position that pleases him and keeps her….eager. Very hot.

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