NSFW: If you are under the age of 18 or eager to protect your innocence then I suggest that you close this page and go watch cat videos or something. BTOSJ is about to get steamy.




I stepped into the room and took a look around.

A mat lay in the corner, already placed. I knew whose mat that belonged to; a woman of middle-age with the smile of a teenager. But she wasn’t in the studio yet. She just left her mat there because she liked to book her spot in the corner in advance.

I played with the idea of setting up next to her. I loved being around her smile. And the bikini that she wore to practice revealed her cream-coloured thighs. They were thick but not firm with just the right amount of wobble. I wanted her and I’d never bothered to hide it but somebody else caught my eye; Sakiko.

She’d already set up on the other side of the room. I want her too but I might also be in love with her. We’d never spoken but some things don’t need to be spoken to be communicated. Her body language said it all. The veils of perception make it easy to misread some signs but there’s no misreading how wide she smiles when I look at her crotch.

Gods, I love that smile. She doesn’t flash it as often as I’d like but when she does she lights a fire inside of me. I’d do just about anything to see her smile and burn under its intensity. So I stopped resisting and let my eyes go wherever they wanted to; all over her body.

I placed my mat next to hers and watched her do her warm-up stretches. She stretched her left leg forward and her right leg back, then lowered herself until her thighs lay parallel to the ground; a perfect 180 degree split. She knew that I was watching but that didn’t stop her. A woman behind us let out a disapproving cough at my shameless ogling and I ignored her. She was just jealous that she couldn’t get my attention the way Sakiko did.

This was more than just lust in my gaze. Lust is what drives a man to seek out whore-houses and cheap thrills that culminate in ten-second pumps and deep feelings of self-loathing afterwards. What I felt was nothing close to that. What I felt was an urge to caress every inch of her from her red-painted toes to every strand of jet black hair that flowed from her scalp with loving stop-overs at everything in-between.

Sakiko knows that’s what I want to give her. That’s why she’s comfortable under my loving gaze. I just couldn’t look away.

The studio started to fill up with other women in yoga pants so tight that a lesser man would break his neck turning to look but I hardly noticed them. They breezed past me like skin-textured blurs. I had eyes only for one.

Our yoga instructor for the day came in last. The yoga class started and I had to take my attention away from Sakiko to go through the poses of our practice but I watched her out of the corner of my eye. I could see her perfecting every pose in the reflection of the mirror directly in front of us. She did them all with grace and guile, pushing herself so hard that sweat poured off of her in streams. I couldn’t help but wonder if I could make her sweat that much if we were alone together. I made a promise to myself to try and find out.

When the class came to an end the yogis bottle-necked at the door. We have a sense of camaraderie in the studio and even though our pores are leaking sweat at gallons per minute a sweet scent of euphoria comes out as well. In the tangle of bodies converging at the door, Sakiko stood right in front of me. Her hair flowed down to her shoulders and stuck to her back. Pheromones came off of her in waves and I found myself leaning in to the source. In a rush of madness I stretched my hand forward and grabbed her waist. An animalistic urge took over and my arm went stiff, pulling her closer. Her compact ass pressed into the crotch of my pants which were so tight that she felt my bulge on her cheeks.

Sakiko turned around and looked me in the eye. Her brow was furrowed but it softened when I held her gaze. Her pupils expanded to cover her brown irises then she smiled that cheeky half-smile of hers where only the corners of her mouth tilt up ever so slightly. She took my hand and led me out of the studio and turned right. She took us through a doorway that led to the outside stairwell and pressed her lips against mine. I pressed my body against hers and squeezed her between me and the wall. We were like two wet seals rubbing against each other. Her nipples poked straight through her black halter top and traced circles in my chest. Hard and erect just like my wood.

There was so much that I wanted to do to her. Even more that I wanted to do with her but there was no time. So instead I chose what I can do for her.

I dropped to my knees and gripped the waist band of her tights with both hands. My fingers slipped into the elastic between her black tights and her hips. I pulled down, peeling the fabric off of her skin and down past the point of no return. A crop of black hair that was thin and wiry sprung up to greet me, grateful to be free. I pulled the essence of her sex in through my nose and the sweet scent hit the back of my sinuses like a line of cocaine. It made me feel energized.

I shoved my face into her fuzz and the black strands of hair tickled my cheeks. She took a sharp intake of air then clasped a hand around her mouth to stifle a moan when my lips parted the top corner of her vertical smile. The lips of her pussy swelled up with blood and my tongue slipped deeper into her, flicking over the hood of her clit with love.

Her other hand reached behind my head and forced my face into her clit. I’d almost forgotten that this was supposed to be a quickie; No time for taunting and teasing.

I sucked her clit between her lips until I felt it swell to the size of a cherry pip then got to my feet and turned her around. I pulled out my 9-inch weapon and forced it into her wet, right between her cheeks.

She gasped and took me inside her. Her hips wound counter-clockwise and she squeezed her muscled cheeks around me. That was too much for me to handle. My scrotum contracted and a wave of euphoria washed over me. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back and bit her neck as my seed spilled inside her. When the waves passed I let go of her hair and she turned to face me. Her face had that wide smile that I loved so much.

Her hands reached down to her knees and she pulled her shorts back up, then she kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ll be back on Wednesday at 11AM,” she said. “I’ll see you then.”

She winked at me and turned to walk towards the shower-rooms. I smacked her ass as she walked away.

“Hell yeah,” I said. “I’ll be right here.”





3 thoughts on “Asana

  1. Hi stranger!!! Took a break from literature in general as I let other nonsense take over my life. Today’s my reading day ☺️☺️ So here I am commenting even before I’ve read 😅

  2. Omgggggg!!!! So glad I read it ☺️☺️☺️ Anazing!!! Like seriously! I should know not to read your work when using public transport 😳😳 It’s rather uncomfortable having to explain why I’m getting hot all of a sudden 😅😂 I’ve gotten to my destination, I’ll catch up with more of your work later. #GoodStuff

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