O, Mother


For a while now

I have been trying to find the words

Words as perfect as her

If for nothing else,

To explain the way she made me feel inside;

Breathless, speechless, in a daze. . .


It’s been a year since I lost her.

Before I hit my slumber I remember how

I ran from fear, from losing her.

Her innocent life you took away

The only friend I thought I had

Always neat and always there


Her porcelain perfect skin,

Her diamond sparkling eyes,

Her glossy hair that flowed down her back like water falling from a height

She hid it all beneath her dazzling smile.


Could anyone see her broken soul?

Could anyone see through her flawless facade?

She left me with memories that no one could steal

But her death was a heartache that no one could heal.

Bang, bang, bang, there goes a flashing image of her trying to belittle my sanity.


It’s been one year since I lost her

I lost it all in one cold, dark, and piercing night

I need her

Is this the end of my soul?

Is this the end of it all?




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