Sweet, Sweet Seduction

I have a confession to make; I am a womanizer. A skirt chaser. An unconsummated lover.

This is my truth and I accept it proudly. I love being seductive. I love the process of getting to know a new soul on an intimate level. This is my art and I strive to perfect it. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way and the most important thing that these slip-ups have taught me is that the seduction is never complete. It is never over.

To be successful at seduction you must seduce your victim over and over again. This is how to keep your victim engaged. This is how you keep your victim in your thrall and always thinking about you. The seduction is only truly alive for as long as your image is constantly refreshed in your victim’s heart and mind. But never the same image. It must change as your victim’s mentality is sure to change as well. A solid and grounded being is attractive. But a fluid being with the agility to adapt to any situation is seductive.

The fluidity of a skilled seduction tricks the victim into thinking that they are in control; that you are their clay to mould into the perfect mate that he or she dreams of. This is the illusion that traps them.

The seducer shows you what you want to see and they do this at great cost to their own souls. Just like forged metal can only be bent so many times, so too is there a limit on how many times the seducer’s soul can change before it loses what made it unique. Spurned lovers will say that the seducer has no soul but they do have souls. The only problem is that they belong to everyone but themselves. This is the price we pay for the pleasure that we give.

The seducer is God’s gift to those who lack love. Only the seducer can make those who are broken feel whole, if only whilst in their presence. All that your victim really wants is an opportunity to forget about the problems of life. Be the one to provide this and your victim will start to wonder how they ever survived without you. If seduction is your goal, the only thing that should matter to you is your victims and how they are wonderful in everything that they do. This selfless abandonment makes a seducer the ultimate lover. Love is your currency and you have to hand it out like it’s free Wi-Fi.

Give so much love that it surrounds you in a cloud. This cloud of love intoxicates anybody who gets too close and makes them feel euphoric. We the seducers are the drug dealers of good feelings. And all that we ask for in return is your body.


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