Delivery, by Kris Kabiru

My first full-length book follows young Toby on a delivery into the leafy suburbs where he is taken hostage by a beautiful woman and her vicious dog.



Tragedy is a hymn sang by angels…..they need entertainment. Misery their ecstasy, sorrow their retribution. Blood their wine, bones their seasoning. They plunder and purge, carrying out God’s wrath. All emotion erased for guilt would crush their pure heart. The blood on their hand never dries; a ceaseless tap for they are the host of…

A Cautionary Tale

You may have heard this one before. It is a story that is very popular popular among those who dabble in psychedelics. Most believe that it’s just an urban legend but I’ve talked to at least three different people who claim to have personally known the person that it happened to. To them he was…