Delivery, by Kris Kabiru

delivery (2)


My first full-length book follows young Toby on a delivery into the leafy suburbs where he is taken hostage by a beautiful woman and her vicious dog.

Here’s a excerpt from Delivery, enjoy.

I nodded my head when she said that and knew that it was time to leave. Emma was cute, the kind of cute that had me thinking about a long-term investment in her. But any chick who referred to her dog as her brother is just as crazy. Why were the crazy ones always so hot? And why was I always attracted to them? I needed to see a shrink to figure out what deep-rooted emotional trauma kept bringing crazy people into my life so that I could release it. I’d get round to that eventually. But first, I needed to get the hell out of there….


Be readers of this brilliant tale by buying it now on Amazon for .mobi versions or Lulu for .ePub. Alternatively you can send 99ksh via Mpesa to 0729924418 or the equivalent in bitcoin to 13jFr27xnTB6npNSmrvgj1petayoYfQtqF and contact me at for an email of the book in your preferred format.

Be sure to leave a review if you enjoyed it. Leave a review if you hate it too. Nobody likes a kiss-ass.





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