Sharon the Vampire Banger and the Hunters

The club just wasn’t the same without Monica. Two nights had passed since her ill-advised attempt on Journeyman’s life. Sharon missed her so much and was so livid that she hadn’t let anyone feed on her since. A few of her favorites still milled around her, buying her drinks to win her favor. But she wasn’t interested.

She wanted Monica. There was a way she caressed the inside of Sharon’s thigh that no other vampire could match. Feeding them with her life’s blood had started out as a masochistic fetish, the culmination of deep-rooted daddy-issues and low self-worth. But Monica had changed all that. She made Sharon feel like her blood was God’s gift to vampires and fed on her body like she was praying at a temple. She listened to Sharon while she fed and made her feel less alone. In comparison, the rest of the vampires just drank until she passed out. She never knew for certain if she’d wake up again or not and when she did they’d be gone. Monica was the only one who was always there when Sharon woke, and now she was gone too.

Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Eric getting up from a stool by the bar. He made a bee-line through the crowd directly towards Sharon’s table. Sharon said a short prayer under her breath and hoped that he’d keep walking past her but he didn’t. He stopped by Sharon’s booth, placed his hands on the table and leaned in.

“You need to get over that bitch,” said Eric.

“Fuck off,” said Sharon.

“I’m serious,” said Eric. “She’s gone and moping around like a girl who’s lost her puppy won’t change that.”

Sharon swirled the drink in her hand but didn’t look up at him.

“You know what, Eric,” she said. “You can go sink your teeth into a-”

A loud bang came from the center of the club, so loud that it drowned out the sound of the band. And it came with a light so bright that she could still see a purple hue through her eyelids. Eric’s screaming came after the bang, loud and high-pitched like a cat caught in a blender. And she could smell him too as his flesh burned under the intensity of the UV light. The sticky smell made her gag. Gagging made her want to open her eyes and opening her eyes hurt like hell. Sharon clamped her hands across her eyes and dropped beneath the table. She could still hear Eric and every other vampire in the club screaming as the UV light fried their skin. She just needed to stay quiet and stay under the table, she told herself. Whatever was happening, whoever had the tech to develop UV bombs and find this place, they just wanted the vampires. She told herself that over and over again while she made herself as small as possible under the table.

A rough hand grabbed her elbow and hauled her out from under the table. Her head crashed into one of the table legs and she gasped in pain. Her reflexes opened her eyes and the intensity of the UV light seared her retinas. She cried out in pain but the hand that dragged her didn’t care. It pulled her across the chaos in the club club towards the entrance, tripping over screaming vampires and holding her breath so that she didn’t have to inhale their charred flesh. She knew that she was outside when the inside of her eyelids were no longer purple and the chill of the night air goose-pimpled her skin. She opened her eyes and saw a hulking man standing in front of her wearing a black suit standing in an alleyway behind the club. The man who held her also wore a black suit but he had a pair of goggles over his eyes. Sharon looked up at the man in front of her. The same man who’d held the door open for her every time she entered the club and took care of any vampires who tried to get rough with her.

“Bruce?” said Sharon. “What’s going on?”

Bruce brushed a loose strand of jet-black hair behind her ear and cupped her cheek in his rough palm.

“Don’t worry little one,” he said. “Everything will be just fine.”

Bruce pulled his hand back and swung it at Sharon’s face. The knuckles on his massive hand smashed into her temple and sent white hot pain through her face. She was out cold before she hit the ground.


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