The Jerkboy Theory


The Jerkboy Theory states that any woman who claims to hate jerkboys secretly loves them. The louder and more insistent her claims, the more she loves them. This is no surprise to anyone who really understands the biomechanics of women because they know exactly how women swoon over charismatic assholes who are the embodiment of the zero-fucks-given attitude.

Now you’re probably wondering why a woman would go through the trouble of denouncing jerkboys if the jerkboy’s love is the one that she secretly craves. They have two reasons for this. First, women are social creatures and the one thing that they crave more than the love of an asshole is social acceptance. They know that if they publicly announce that they actually enjoy being treated badly then they will be shunned by their peers, especially by feminists. The second reason for hating on the behaviour of jerkboys is that they use it weed out the beta guys. If they publically denounce jerkboys and the guy trying to get with her conforms to treating her like a princess then there’s a good chance that his secret identity is Captain Save-a-Hoe, and nobody wants to fuck him.


Don’t be this guy

The jerkboy’s total disregard for how things work out has led to a common misconception that the jerkboy is immature and young. It’s actually an ageless personality trait. The jerkboy can be a young player at the age of five who makes all the girls on the playground blush, or he can be on old pimp who knows how to keep his bitches in line. Whatever his age, the common issue that he faces is in being shunned by a society that wishes to shackle his masculine energy and make him easier to control. A critical piece in how successful he is in wooing and bedding women is down to how well he ignores the feminists and moral Nazis who try control him.

Women in particular, the same women who keep spreading for jerkboys, are the ones who try the hardest to control them. They even came up with a derogatory term, the fuckboy, in order to take back some of the power that they lose when turned into giggling messes with their panties on the floor when in his charismatic presence. They’ll always have an excuse for why they allow themselves to be manipulated by such men, their favourite being ‘it just happened’, which is exactly what the jerkboy wants them to think. Corollary to the theory, women who hate on jerkboys the most are also the ones who love them the most. Their harsh words are the result of constantly being overlooked by the man who makes their legs quiver with nothing but his shit-eating grin.

Men, to understand why women love this attitude you have to first accept that women are fundamentally different from men when it comes to what turns them on. Think about the chemical and hormonal reactions that happen in your pants when you see a fine piece of ass walk by. That is exactly how women respond when in the presence of a socially dominant man who carries himself with pride and acts with zero outcome dependence. Women don’t care about looks. What really gets them going is social standing and charisma. Toned muscles are an optional bonus.

Gym-jumping ‘roid heads can’t stand to accept what I’ve just said because 1) ‘roid heads can’t read and 2) they cannot fathom the idea that all of those hours spent working out in the gym are pointless because women are more interested in banging that point-dexter who has the balls to grab her ass and not apologize afterwards, no matter how much butt-hurt and indignation she fakes. Pay attention and you’ll notice that she still makes sure to be in his touching distance so that he can get a feel of her other cheek which she considers to be her good side.

Nice guys (quasi-feminists) are offended at the idea of the Jerkboy Theory being true because they don’t understand the sado-masochistic nature of female sexuality. Mr. Nice-Guy will never accept how evil a woman can be. To him a woman will always be delicate creature that wants the best for everyone. This is why it’s so easy for women to use nice guys for emotional and resource support while knowingly leading them on with no desire to ever give up the cookie.

Mr. Nice-Guy, if you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of hot girls then you’re halfway there. If you’re wondering why they treat you like you’re a eunuch, it’s because you’re too nice. You’re going to have to start being cold and calculated if you want know what it feels like to be inside them. Try not to get too offended when she refuses your advances because defensiveness is a seduction killer. Just walk away, never look back and start your new life as a man who actually gets laid.

Denialists will tell you that jerkboy-game only works on immature women with self-esteem issues and they’re right, to an extent. Jerkboy game works wonders on most women but it will have limited results on mature and self-assured women. They still get crotch-tingles when in the presence of a charismatic asshole but they are wise enough to know that such guys are bad news. Jerkboys are nearly impossible to pin down to long-term relationships that lead to marriage, which is always the end-game target for all sexually-active women. There are a few exceptions but the only men who are guaranteed to be good long-term prospects for women are nicer guys who are good providers of resources and emotional support. These are the guys who are denied sex, bombarded with tantrums and tricked into unknowingly raising the bastard children of the jerkboys that their wives have been seeing on the side. Some jerkboys are willing to be tied down to marriage and it is in these marriages where the women are the happiest. But women shouldn’t count on finding such men because they are the rare exceptions.

If you want to win in the only game that matters, then ramp up your asshole-levels high enough to make women give you the side-eye of contempt mixed in with a come-hither smile but not so high that you’re ripping out their ponytails just for kicks. Never, ever go full asshole.

So gentlemen, are you the kind of guy who always opens doors for women and still can’t figure out why they won’t spread? Try slamming it in her face next time and see how that works out for you.


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