The light shines bright in the nether realm.

The souls gather, a moment of greatness awaits.

A journey begins, one of freedom and prosperity.

For the first time, hope fills their heart.

They shall take back their right, the world of the living.

A million damned souls bow, a white eagle descends.

Their king has been reborn, he is perfection.

Engulfed by his flaws, a colossal being was born.

An army he has raised, whose name is destruction.

Songs shall be sang of his mighty achievements, poets shall use him as a muse.

Philosophers shall call him a god and his subjects shall sit beside his throne.

The world will tremble at his might, the darkness shall be embraced with delight.

The meaning of life shall cease to exist because death is all that shall be.

Never before has there been a worthy king, a spectacle to behold feast your eyes on me.




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